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Frågor och Svar

What do I need to start the training & other questions

Bring a water bottle! For your first trial training, it is not necessary to bring any protective gear. But if your have boxing gloves, shinguards, mouthguard or groin protection you are welcome to bring these to your first training.

You can wear just regular training clothes: a t-shirt and pants/tights. We train without shoes, so no need to bring in-door shoes.

Please make sure you remove necklaces, piercings and rings before the training to avoid injury to yourself or others.


What is the mandatory equipment for all active members?

- Boxing gloves

- Shin guard

- Groin protection

- Mouth guard

- White official KMG t-shirt (for level testing)

Where can I buy protective gear?


You can purchase boxing gloves, shinguards, mouth-guards and groin protection at our club or our online store or other sport equipment retailers.


Where can I buy KMG clothes?


Down at the club or our online store. We have KMG t-shirts, pants, water bottles and hoodies for sale.

Can I join the training at any time during the term?


Yes! You are welcome to book a free trial training and also become a member of Stockholms Krav Maga Club at any time during the term.

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