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Krav Junior

At Stockholm's Krav Maga Club we have instructors who have completed the specific KMG instructor training adapted for children. KMG has developed a special program for children's training where the focus is mainly on teaching children adjusted self-defense techniques in a playful and fun way.

Children classes are usually very varied with fun elements aimed at strengthening the children's physical and mental ability to handle stressful and potentially dangerous situations. We often use scenario-based exercises and games that can resemble everyday events that can escalate, e.g. at school, at the playground or out in town with friends. At Stockholm's Krav Maga Club, it is our priority to ensure that your child learns self-defense in a safe and playful way. We train in a controlled environment with many protective measures to prevent accidents and injury risks.

What does the training look like?

In the children's training we teach a lot about how to recognise potentially dangerous situations, to use verbal resistance and to be able to avoid, prevent but also defend yourself against physical contact, for example. against ear files, blows, kicks, different types of grips, chokes and attempts to throw to the ground. The children also learn the importance of quickly moving away from the situation, asking for help from an adult, and telling their parents what has happened. Much emphasis is also placed on exercising the children's body control and balance to increase the likelihood that they will survive unharmed when they fall or from an accident, e.g. by practicing rolls and techniques to cushion falls.

Krav Maga as a system also generally has a lot of focus on mental and personality aspects - the same goes for the children too! The childrens class therefore also aims to strengthen the children's personal development in order to promote their self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity, courage and ability to make decisions in stressful situations. Emphasis is also placed on the children to understand when it's appropriate to use the acquired knowledge and we talk a lot about being gentle and kind to one another and only using self-defense in absolute emergency.

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