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"Don't do a technique 5 times and ask instructors what's next.
Do it 500 times and wait for instructor to tell you to stop!"

Our instructor team

The instructors at Stockholms Krav Maga Club have all gone through Krav Maga Global's instructor course. KMG has the best and hardest instructor course on the market, as with its 190 hours it is the longest available today in Sweden and internationally. In addition to the basic education, there are many opportunities for skills development and a number of additional courses, eg. kids instructor course and women instructor course. All approved KMG instructors also have a requirement to participate in a certain number of instructor updates each year to maintain their license.Our instructors attend regular intensive training with the most professional Krav Maga organisations in the world. Our goal is to provide you with a highly trained and friendly team of instructors to guide you in learning Krav Maga.

Dima Ten

Head instructor

Dima is one of the founders of Stockholm's Krav Maga Club andis  the club's head instructor. He has been practicing Krav Maga actively since 2011 and has since then completed several instructor courses, eg. Women Instructor Course and Kids Instructor Course. Thanks to his professional experience in operational security, Dima can realistically make the training as realistic as possible. Dima is very pedagogical  and always strives to create a deeper understanding in his students.

Aoi Yamamoto


Aoi is the first female KMG instructor in Stockholm. She is also the first KMG instructor from Japan. She has been actively training Krav Maga since 2014 and has completed a number of instructor courses, such as Women Instructor Course and General Instructor Course. With the qualifications of being a woman and civil instructor she has the knowledge of how to deal with difficult situations in real life. She has successfully held a number of seminars for people of all ages and female focused groups. She was also invited to KMG Japan to hold a workshop for women.


Evin Soleymanpour


Evin has been training Krav Maga actively since 2014. She completed her instructor training in 2019 in Israel with Eyal Yanilov, the founder of Krav Maga Global. Thanks to this, Evin has developed her skills and gained many valuable experiences that she is happy to use during her training. Evin instructs with the goal of helping others develop and feel safe in themselves, regardless of the situation. Her goal is to strengthen the mental and physical strength of each student. In addition to this, Evin works as a doctor and the hope is that she will become an emergency specialist.

Goran Marinčić


More info coming!


Candong Yang


More info coming!

Kristian Erikkson

Chairman KMG Sverige

Kristian has overall responsibility for all KMG clubs and instructors in Sweden.

He has been a major and important part of the founding of Stockholm's Krav Maga Club. In addition, he successfully runs his own KMG club in Örebro.

Kristian has a long experience in the security business and has been an instructor for over 10 years.

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