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Membership Terms and Club Rules

Welcome to Stockholms Krav Maga Klubb! To ensure a positive and respectful community for all members, we have implemented the following rules and conditions. By participating in our activities and becoming a member of the club, you accept these guidelines. We kindly ask you to respect and follow these rules to create a safe and inclusive environment.

Media Usage: It is strictly prohibited to photograph, film, or otherwise record members or activities at the club without the clear consent of those involved. This is especially important for underage members. The use of image or video material, as well as information related to the club or its members, for the purpose of harassment or misuse is not allowed.

Respectful Behavior: We expect all members to treat each other with respect and dignity regardless of background, opinions, or relationships. This includes interactions at the club and during training sessions. We value a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Prohibition of Bullying and Threatening Behavior: All forms of bullying, harassment, or threats are strictly forbidden at the club. We work to create a safe and secure environment for all members. Any form of negative behavior that goes against this goal will not be tolerated.

Training at Your Own Risk: All training is at your own risk. Stockholms Krav Maga Klubb and practicing/assisting instructors cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur during training.

Membership Criteria: To become a member of SKMK, you must:

  • Not have been convicted according to the Penal Code.

  • Not use drugs, doping, or similar substances.

  • Not damage the club's reputation or the instructors' reputation in any way.

Members' Responsibilities: All members must:

  • Take responsibility for the new knowledge they acquire.

  • Follow the instructors' instructions.

  • Pay the training fee on time to remain an active member of the club.

Protective Equipment: All members must acquire the following protective equipment:

  • Mouth guard

  • Groin guard

  • Boxing gloves and shin guards

  • Official white KMG t-shirt

Equipment and Fees: Equipment can be purchased through the club at favorable prices. Only in the case of injury or long-term illness will the training fee be "frozen." A medical certificate is required. No training fees are refunded.

Consequences for Violations: Breaches of these rules may result in the following consequences:

  • Temporary suspension while an investigation is conducted.

  • Permanent exclusion from the club after confirmation of the violation.

  • Revocation of membership.

These measures are in place to protect the safety and well-being of our members. We urge everyone to respect and follow these rules to create a positive and safe environment for all. If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding these rules and conditions, please feel free to contact us. We thank you for your participation and commitment to Stockholms Krav Maga Klubb.

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