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Membership terms and club rules

 All training is done at your own risk. Stockholm’s Krav Maga club and practicing / assisting instructors can  not be held responsible for any injuries during the training.



To become a member of SKMK you can not:


  • Have a criminal record

  • Use drugs or doping

  • Bring discredit on the club or the instructors



All members must:


  • Take the responsibility that comes with the new knowledge

  • Follow the instructor's orders

  • Pay the membership fee (SEK 250 / year) to become a member of the club

  • Pay the training fee on time



 All members must procure the following protective equipment:


  • Mouth guard

  • Groin protection

  • Boxing gloves and shin guards

  • White official KMG t-shirt




Equipment is available for purchase via the club at reduced prices. Only in case of injury or long-term illness can we “freeze” your training fee. Medical certificate is required. No training fees are refunded.


Breaking any of the rules means immediate exclusion from the club and suspension from all training!

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