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Krav Maga for women & girls

Krav Maga Global has a section in its organization that is specifically aimed for girls and women - KMG women's division. In order to be able to instruct in self-defense for women, as an instructor, you must go through an additional supplementary training at KMG to gain a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of women's circumstances.

Krav Maga för kvinnor

Self-defense for women means that, for example, certain self-defense techniques have been adapted to correspond to the more realistic circumstances that women face.


As a woman, one is trained more to be able to use one's basic conditions in a more advantageous way. There is also a great deal of training to be able to handle situations that women are generally more likely to end up in, ie threatening sexually related assaults and harassment.

Krav Maga training aims to partly build up the physical strength and to practice the self-defense techniques with increasing elements of stress.


In this way you improve your likelihood of handling and actually acting in threatening situations in real life.


Another important part of training is working with the mental resilience. Among other things, it is about increasing one's self-confidence, inner security and confidence & self-efficacy (ability to cope with a particular fight strategy in a particular situation).


In addition to this, you practice being able to use your own aggression for self-defense purposes and to use your voice and body language to clearly and firmly mark your boundaries.

Självförsvar för kvinnor
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