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Stockholms Krav Maga Klubb

"KRAV MAGA heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive"

-Imi Lichtenfeld

Stockholms Krav Maga Klubb

Stockholm's Krav Maga Club is a relatively new sports association that was reformed in the spring of 2018 from the previous organization KMGStockholm, which was founded in the fall of 2016 by the head instructor Dima Ten in the hope of contributing to a safer society in his spare time. Today, we have 3 really knowledgeable instructors and many active members who engage voluntarily in our association to help us grow so that more people can learn self-defense and feel more secure in their everyday lives.


Our goal is for more people to gain the confidence and the conditions necessary to identify and prevent a potentially dangerous situation as well as the knowledge to get out of it as efficiently as possible. This means, at best, that you can recognise warning signals and threatening signs long before it escalates to a physically violent situation. This increases the chances of safely moving away from the situation before it escalates.

In the worst cases, we rely on the effective and realistic requirements of the Krav Maga techniques that we practice under intense and stressful circumstances - all to increase the chance that the body, muscle memory, and hopefully the ability to act and make decisions work in violent situations. Therefore, we are also continuously working to strengthen both the mental aspects of what is needed to defend oneself and the physical parts. We work a lot to be able to use the voice in violent situations, to be able to turn on / off their own aggression, to act under stress and most importantly - to never, never, never give up!

I de allra värsta fallen förlitar vi oss på de effektiva och realistiska Krav Maga teknikerna som vi tränar på under intensiva och pressade omständigheter – allt för att öka chansen att kroppen, muskelminnet och förhoppningsvis förmågan att agera och fatta beslut ska fungera under våldsamma situationer. Därför arbetar vi också kontinuerligt med att stärka både de mentala aspekterna av det som krävs för att försvara sig själv samtidigt som de fysiska delarna. Vi jobbar mycket att kunna använda rösten i våldsamma situationer, att kunna sätta på/stänga av sin egen aggression, agera under stress och viktigast av allt – att aldrig, aldrig, aldrig ge upp!

We train according to the authentic Krav Maga system, which was officially created by founder Imi Sde-Or (Lichenfeld) in Israel in the 1940s. We are part of the internationally recognized organization Krav Maga Global, run by Imi's chosen successor and closest student, KMG Chief Instructor Eyal Yanilov. Krav Maga Global is found in many places around the world and also in many other cities in Sweden: Karlstad, Helsingborg, Örebro and Gothenburg. This is very exciting as it opens doors to many fun training events along with other clubs around the world where we can all inspire each other and exchange experiences.


In addition, as a KMG student, you can train at any other KMG club in the world at no cost when you are there for a shorter period, provided that you have a KMG pass and the approval of an instructor. In addition, there are annual summer camps in Sweden and many different events around the world for Krav Maga Global practitioners, eg. P-G Camp in Israel and Women Only International Spring Camps (WOISC).


Krav Maga Global has a form of level system, so that as a student you are systematically given a stable foundation to stand on and advance in a thoughtful and safe way. The grading is not a competition but is only an opportunity to test your knowledge and ensure that you are ready to deepen and intensify your training. The levels go from Practioner 1-5, Graduate 1-5 and up to Expert levels. This system is used in all Krav Maga Global clubs around the world - pretty cool, right?


Read more on Krav Maga Global's website:

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